Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Alphabet of the Day: 26 Musical Notes

It's Day 3 of the It's Like the 26-Day Blogging Challenge, Only Stupider challenge. And I'm watching "American Idol," so I thought I'd do a musical-themed alphabet. Don't forget to play along if the spirit moves you.

A: Albums. In this day of downloadable, disposable singles, Precocious Daughter seems to have inherited my love of listening to entire albums. My kid for the win.

B: Beatles. The alpha and omega of music.

C: Clapton. For God's sake, listen to his self-titled 1970 album right now. One of my desert-island discs, for sure.

D: Dylan. If only I could tell him how many times he saved my life over the years. Fucking genius.

E: ELO. I adore this band. "Do Ya" may be the happiest song ever.

F: Finger-picking. Screw power chords. The way to my heart is a folksy rendition of "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright."

G: Glam. Give me early-70s power pop any day of the week.

H: Hook. As in Dr. I looooooooooove Dr. Hook.

I: "Invincible." Not really my favorite Pat Benatar song, but I did want to be able to mention Pat Benatar. She rocks.

J: Jazz. Give me real, smoky-nightclub jazz, and I'm on fire.

K: The King. Of course.

L: Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. Oh God, I love this album.

M: Monkees.  Whom I love deeply, completely, and without irony.

N: Neil Diamond. Are you kidding me? His shit's the best.

O: "Our Day Will Come." Have you ever heard Amy Winehouse's version? Incredible version of an incredible song.

P: Paul McCartney. Shut. Up.

Q: Queen. Growing up, I heard their singles on radio all the time, but now I'm slowly hearing more of their album tracks. Wow. Just wow.

R: Rockabilly. Ever listened to Dorsey Burnett? Do it.

S: Soft Parade, The. My favorite Doors album.

T: Tina Turner. The best female voice in rock history, period. I would never even attempt to sing "River Deep, Mountain High," no matter how drunk I was.

U: Underground, Velvet, The. Changed my life in high school. Who knew music could be this?

V: Violent Femmes. Exact same comment as above.

W: Who, The. Pete Townshend is seriously my favorite singer. Seriously.

X: XTC. Skylarking. Great album.

Y: "You Send Me." Sam Cooke is seriously my favorite singer.

Z: Zombies, The. If you don't recognize Odessey and Oracle as the great lost album of the 60s, don't tatk to me about pop music.

Yeah, that list is pretty oldies-centric, isn't it? I really do listen to stuff like Imagine Dragons and Muse and Pink. But you always go back to what formed you, dontcha?

What's your musical alphabet, Drunkards?

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