Thursday, December 6, 2012

Writing Is a Lonely Avocation

I'm stuck for a topic tonight. It happens.

OMG, it's like he's g(r)azing into my soul.
So I did the worst thing a writer can do in such a situation: I asked a friend for an idea.

Well, I didn't actually ask. But if you've ever written anything more creative than your own name, you know that all you have to do is mention - even tangentially - that you're looking for an idea to receive a deluge of suggestions from wonderful people whom you love very much and who immediately offer terrible ideas.

No offense to the wonderful people whom I love very much. It's just that, to a dirtbag writer, any idea that is not your own is a terrible idea. Until you find something about it that you can steal and fashion into something for which you can take credit. At which point it becomes brilliant inspiration.

Now this is brilliant. And you can actually buy it.
Anyway, the terrible idea I got was this: "cheesecake."

To which I replied: "What, like pictures of scantily clad women?"

If I were a lesbian, I would find Mitzi Gaynor
totally hot. Just sayin.
Well, no. cheesecake.

Um...hubba hubba?
Now, I enjoy a good cheesecake as much as the next person. But what the hell am I supposed to write about it? That it's creamy, and sweet, and tempting?

I get it now. But still not a lesbian.
So the upshot is...I have nothing to write about tonight. Such is the frustration of the not-terribly-talented blogger.

Maybe I could write about my job.

Nah, that's boring.

Well, come back tomorrow. I have an idea for a post about beauty salons for vain male douchebags. If I can steal enough inspiration from my friends.

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  1. Even with nothing to write about, you managed to turn me on AND make me hungry. Possibly in that order...

    So much for "not-terribly-talented"!


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