Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stormy Weather (Spoken, Not Sung)

You may have seen on the news that the Dallas-Fort Worth area had a few little storms this afternoon.

There was property damage in lots of places and power outages abounded, but so far it seems no serious injuries or deaths. Which is pretty freaking amazing if you read that sentence while looking at those pictures.

In my own little corner of suburban Dallas, we were spared devastation and damage. By far the worst part of the day was that my little family was not together during these scary storms. Precocious Daughter was at her school, "sheltering," Beloved Spouse was at his school/workplace, hunkered down, and I was across town at my office, listening to the tornado sirens. Fortunately, I was not alone.
Thank goodness for my peeps. And my Peeps.
So I was a little preoccupied this afternoon, which is why I'm only posting now. To all my loved ones across the land, we are fine and very fortunate that the only damage we had to contend with was resetting the clocks after the power briefly went out. Others will not be fortunate enough to sleep in their own beds tonight, and I hope they're able to get their lives back in short order.

Thanks to the wonderful teachers at PDaughter's school, who kept her and her fellow students calm and safe and made sure they all got to call their parents with reassurances of their safety. Thanks to my Peeps-bearing buddy, who kept me from being freaked out by the sirens and worried about my kiddo. Thanks to the weather gods, who spared my precious Beetle from hail damage even though I stupidly neglected to park underground today, knowing there were storms coming.

My pal Bek posted this on her Facebook page,
and I hope she doesn't mind that I nicked it.
Tomorrow's forecast is for sunny skies. Of course, it's Spring in Texas, so that could be utter bullshit. I'm parking underground tomorrow, just in case.

(So why do I have speak "Stormy Weather" instead of singing it? Because I gave up singing for 1/40th of Lent, and it's been the hardest damn thing to sacrifice. Harder than coffee, yo. "Can't Fight This Feeling" by REO Speedwagon came on the radio and I couldn't belt it out along with Kevin Cronin. I realize others are facing much greater challenges today, but clearly God gave me what He thought I could [just barely] handle.)

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