Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Good for the Old Blood Pressure

I found an old photo from the one and only cruise the Baudelaire family has ever taken. It was taken at sunset in Jamaica. Now, I found Jamaica to be a profoundly tacky and uncomfortable place (maybe we docked at the only spot beset by aggressive beggars and unfriendly natives, I don't know), so my memories of our day there are probably deliberately fuzzy. That's why my breath was taken away when I stumbled on this picture. I didn't remember anything in Jamaica being this damn lovely.

I felt instantly calmer and happier staring at this November island sunset. How often does an ordinary picture do that for you? I thought maybe a few of my Drunkards might benefit from a little calm and happy in their lives today. It makes a good wallpaper for your phone, too.

Say...I also found a picture of me singing drunken Patsy Cline karaoke from that same cruise. It's not as soothing, but it is pretty damn funny. And I'll show it to you...for a price.

But I warn you. You don't have that much money. For real.


  1. You docked in the wrong place. Jamaica, at its worst is exactly as you describe.

    At its best - it's pure magic. My grandmother lived there briefly when I was a kid - she had more money than she knew what to do with and so, that's how she spent some of it.

    But, if you get outside the heavily touristy places and get to know some of the real people, it's delightful.

    One of our best family friends is a Jamaican man who still lives in Montego Bay - he came to my wedding, he calls my parents every holiday...

    You didn't get the best of Jamaica - trust me, mon.

  2. See, that's good to know. Grand Cayman, on the other hand, was absolutely magical. No wonder it's where crooks go to stash their cash.


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