Saturday, February 4, 2012

Video Saturday: Have Mercy Baby

Oh my, I found a treat today.

I was trolling YouTube for a live performance by the great Clyde McPhatter. Which, it turns out, is not an easy thing to find. But when I did, I hit the jackpot. I found a clip from a Bobby Darin special that aired in the UK in 1960.

Wait, what? Bobby Darin and Clyde McPhatter? I know this is going to sound terribly obscure to Drunkards who are under, say, 150 years old, but I'm not sure there are any two greater voices from early rock and roll than those of Bobby Darin and Clyde McPhatter. These two great talents both died tragically young and about a year apart. Their legacies are immeasurable. Do you dig Michael Buble? Thank Bobby Darin. Do you love Bruno Mars? He's got that Clyde McPhatter high tenor down. Seriously, these cats are canon.

Yeah, I'm gushing.

So rather than  listening to me, here's Clyde McPhatter with Bobby Darin providing wicked piano and vocal accompaniment on "Have Mercy Baby" (from Clyde's days with the Dominoes). Love love LOVE.

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