Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feeling Shellfish (See What I Did There?)

Some days you just feel like telling everyone to leave you the f*&%! alone. The danger is that everyone will take you at your word.

But what are you going to do? Any little kid will tell you that she understands perfectly well that the Bactine will make the skinned knee feel better. But first it will sting like a bitch for about five seconds, and those five seconds of agony MUST BE AVOIDED AT ANY COST. It's hard to take the long view when you're staring down a bottle of Bactine.

That's why some days, even though the last - the very last - thing you need is to be left alone to your own reckless thoughts and irrational feelings, you will tell everyone to leave you the f*&%! alone.  Because you totally mean it. You'll find the damn bottle of Bactine yourself later. And bitch about how you have to squirt it on all by yourself because no one is there to help. Because you told everyone to leave you the f*&%! alone. Which you totally meant at that moment.

I'm in my shell right now. But my pincers are ready to go. To keep away the predators, the haters, the evildoers, and of course the people who love me and want to help. Because it's all or nothing inside the shell.

Go feast on someone else's tender flesh. Crab is off the menu today.

Maybe tomorrow...if you're still here.

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