Saturday, October 8, 2011

Video Saturday: Honky Cat

Today's video is courtesy of Precocious Daughter, who recently has become obsessed with this 39-year-old Elton John song.

That's right, 39 years old. Wow.

PDaughter and I listen to the local "Classic Hits" station a lot. I guess my generation decided that "Oldies" was an uncool thing to call "Barracuda" and "Black Dog." Good point. Anyway, obviously they play a lot (a lot a lot a lot) of Elton John.

When it comes to Sir Elton, there are songs of his that I still crank up and sing along to ("Levon," "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me") and songs that I've heard enough to last me a lifetime ("Crocodile Rock," "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"). "Honky Cat" until recently was closer to the latter, until one day it came on the car radio, and I reached out to change the station, and PDaughter cried, "No! I love this song!"

I blame myself. But it's a fair trade, musically: I've instilled love for classic rock in my girl, and she in turn keeps me current on the LMFAOs and Bruno Marseses of the world. And then we both roundly ignore country music. (Really, Scotty McCreery won "American Idol"? REALLY?)

So here's "Honky Cat" for my kiddo. But next week I'm totally posting something from this century.

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