Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh, Paul

So Sir Paul McCartney chose what would have been his mate John Lennon's 71st birthday to take his third bride.

Presenting Lord and Lady Shoepolish-on-Heads.
Beloved Spouse says this is not tacky at all, because "guys don't care about that stuff." He does admit, however, that it would have been a lot better to get married on a date that no one cares Ringo's birthday. And I'm trying really hard to look stern and disapproving over that crack, although it's pretty damn funny. BelSpouse did have the good grace to feel sorry for me for once again missing my chance to be Mrs. Paul McCartney. Yes, he would give me up if Sir Paul wanted me. He says he wouldn't, but I know he would. Same with Peter Tork.

I'm still waiting, Peter. I've been waiting a very long time.
 Anyway, to me October 9 will always be John Lennon's birthday, and not Paul McCartney's latest anniversary. Happy Birthday, John.

Oh, all right. Congratulations, Paul. Just make this one stick, OK? And for goodness' sake, let the hair go gray. You're not fooling anyone.

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