Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Hell?

Um...hello, Blogger?

My blog stats appear to be all messed up today. Apparently no one read today's post. It wasn't much, granted, but it's rare that nobody reads a post. And I know somebody read it, because it got a "Like" on my Facebook page. But not according to my stats. Freaky.

Maybe Blogger is just messing with me. Or maybe someone doesn't like what I've been writing and is sabotaging me. Wait, that's paranoid. Besides, I don't think Rick Perry is that smart. Maybe only Internet vampires have read it, and their hits don't show up in stats. OK, I got nothing.

Anyway, this is actually my second post of the day. If you're reading it, Hi! Thanks for coming by. That makes me feel better. But only if you show up in my stats. If you don't, screw you. Nothing personal. Unless you're Rick Perry. Or an Internet vampire.



  1. Did you do a search under "pissed off cats"?

  2. Sometimes it's just too easy. :)

  3. Wow, you sure have a large selection of flags there from readers all over the world! Cool!


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