Thursday, August 18, 2011


Remember my panic post the other day? I was getting ready for a high-profile public event at work, and the logistics all blew up in my face 48 hours beforehand. Good times.

Well, the event is over, and I can report:

I found an awesome rental place that set up and tore down our PA system in the middle of a parking lot exactly when we needed them to do it. (If you're in the Dallas area, it's AA Party Rentals. Call them. They're fabulous.)

The event itself went off without a hitch, with many compliments from the visiting corporate hoohas in attendance.

Even with two tents and a convenient shade tree nearby, an asphalt parking lot in Dallas in the middle of August is a miserably hot place to hang out for four hours.

A nice man from the neighborhood volunteered to take our leftover water bottles to a local homeless shelter. Helping the poor and not having to transport two dozen wet-from-sitting-in-melted-ice bottles back to the office in my trunk = score.

I'm very glad I switched from my inferior brand of deodorant, but I still feel as if I smell like sweat and marinated lady parts.

Il Cane Rosso on Commerce Street in Deep Ellum serves kick-ass Neapolitan-style pizza and has an awesome staff. Check it out if you're in the neighborhood and there's a long line across the street at Twisted Root Burgers.

I have blisters the size of salad plates on both feet, and I can't take my shoes off because my boss' boss is sitting in the next office. Ow.

Also, a camera crew from one of the local TV stations was there (OK, it was one guy in a Hawaiian shirt, but he had a big old camera and an ID on a lanyard). Maybe we'll be on the local news tonight, but I'm guessing the story about the new H&M store opening at NorthPark Mall will be on before us. Dallas is all about priorities.

All in all, a good day. Plus it was nice to actually do something productive at work. I'm not saying I'd want to make a habit of it or anything, but a little human contact is a nice change of pace.

Holy crap, my feet hurt.

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