Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Last Shatner Birthday Post (I Promise)

Oh, gosh, this has been fun.  Not just celebrating the 80th birthday of Mr. William Shatner, although that has been a joy and an honor.  But knowing that I've bored and exasperated those readers who don't share my adoration of the Shat...I love you all, and I thank you for your patience while I got this out of my system.  I wish I had pictures of your eye-rolling, head-shaking, and frustrated mouse-clicking every time you realized I had posted yet another goddamn bunch of pictures of William freaking Shatner.  Tomorrow I'll write about my kid or Charlie Sheen or getting drunk or whatever you want.  Really.  But man, imagining the looks on your faces for the last five posts...hoo-boy.  Life is good.

OK, so here are just a few random shots of The Man that I thought were particularly wonderful.

"William Shatner is so cool that when he appears on 'Match Game,'
Charles Nelson Reilly [blank]s him."

Guest-starring on "The Rookies" in 1975.  Aaron Spelling
must have thought Shatner made a pretty good cop,
because he later cast him in...

..."T.J. Hooker," which introduced the world to Heather Locklear.
And the idea that cops didn't have to be young,
physically fit, or have their original hair.

There's more hair where this came from, ladies.
It's on my back.

Still smirking and smoldering after all these years.
Happy Birthday, Bill!  Thanks for an amazing body of work.  Except for Kingdom of the Spiders.  That stunk.  A lot.  Hugs!

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