Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Charity Begins on the Internet

Top Ten GoFundMe Campaigns That Didn't Reach Their Goal

10. Send My Nana to Pole Dancing Camp ($46 of $250 raised)

9. The Fender Blender (Make Delicious Smoothies While You Navigate the Pothole-Infested Streets of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio) ($912 of $3,006 raised)

8. The Campaign to Obtain and Destroy All Existing Copies of Richard Harris' "MacArthur Park" and the Master Recording Too ($817 of $25,000 raised)

7. Let's Make Smoking Cool Again ($143.17 of $2,500 raised)

6. Help Me Self-Publish "The Festering Pustule of Hate in the Pit of My Soul: A Book about Feelings" ($25 of $3,200 raised)

5. Howie's Fund for Howard Goldblatt's Earlobe Transplant ($1,800 of $63,250 raised)

4. Need a New Steam Iron Please Help ($12 of $110 raised)

3. Cuddle Scales: The Thundershirt for Nervous Snakes ($122.50 of $4,000 raised)

2. Just Four Ounces of Halfway Decent Weed ($650 of $800 raised - so close!)

And the Number One GoFundMe Campaign That Didn't Reach Its Goal:

1. My Fucking Stepmom Screwed Her Way into My Dad's Will ($963 of $100,000 raised)

Thanks for your support.

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  1. We may laugh but earlobe transplants are no joke. Howard's had to specially comb his mullet for years to hide his lack of a silver stud earring.


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