Friday, May 18, 2018

Bang Bang Shoot Shoot

As of this writing, 10 people are dead in the latest  school shooting, which happened in my adopted home state of Texas.

Let's mourn the lives of one teacher and nine children.

And let me mention that this morning I attended Precocious Daughter's Senior Walk, at which she and her classmates were honored for their achievements. And received many well-deserved scholarships and accolades for their good deeds.

They are all alive this morning.

But nine students and a teacher are not.

Because the fucking National Rifle Association says so.

And does not care who dies to further its financial agenda.

Explain to me how the Second Amendment justifies the deaths of children and educators.


Me and my double-digit children/nieces/nephews/honorary kids.

Explain how violent psychopaths have greater rights than smart, hard-working, accomplished, beautiful children


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  1. Friends with younger children--children in kindergarten or first grade--tell me that drills to prepare for mass shootings are regular in schools now. And, not surprisingly, those drills are taking a psychological toll on the kids. I remember fire drills and tornado drills. They were often kind of fun, a nice break from classes. I can't imagine how it feels to be so young and to have to worry about the possibility of being shot. I can't imagine there's anything fun about those drills.
    Those kids will probably be the ones who will have to act, to do something to lessen mass shootings, because we adults have failed them.


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