Saturday, April 7, 2018

Happy Birthday, Alex

If you pay attention to my puny little blog...

...well, thank you, first of all...

but if you do, then you've surely seen my references to Loyal Drunkard Riley's Mom.

Riley's Mom is a friend, former co-worker, and mistress of two adorable wiener dogs, Riley and Maya.

I dogsat Riley more than once.

Riley's Mom and her now-spouse helped me move after my marriage ended, for which I'll be forever grateful.

And now they're parents.

Their beautiful baby's name is Alexander.

And so Riley's Mom is now Alex' Mom.

With love.

I hope you'll love being a mom as much as I have. Which is a ton.

Welcome to the Mom club. <3

Please send love to my dear friend and new mom.


  1. Congrats to Riley's mom!

    Your blog isn't puny. It's a biggish fish in a pond that appears to be getting smaller and smaller, is all...

  2. Hooray for another unit! And I’ve never thought of your blog as puny. It’s quite expansive in its scope.


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