Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Once More Ink-To the Breach

So I've been thinking - and writing - about getting a tattoo for several years now.

Like here.

And here.

And here, too.

I have yet to go under the pokey-needle and actually get ink injected into my flesh.

Honestly, there is no part of that sentence that doesn't
make me feel queasy.
But here's the thing: In a few weeks I turn 50.


But that's fine, you know.

Totally, not-barfingly fine.

If I'm going to turn 50 - and thus officially enter middle age, as I'm damn sure intending to live to be 100 - then I may as well grab 50 by the (slightly pendulous) tits and really do it, right?

So...maybe my birthday present to myself will be that tattoo I've been mulling over since I was a wee 40-something.


Do me a favor, Drunkards. If you have a tattoo (or more than one), please post a picture in the comments or on my Facebook page or Twitter feed. I want to see what the people I love for reading this blog have enshrined on their own precious flesh.

Also, suggestions are welcome, although honestly it's probably going to be Kermit, Pikachu, a monkey, or a Miyazaki soot-sprite. But who knows, one of you may inspire me to think outside the painful, red, swollen skin-box.



  1. Go with the monkey. Not that I have anything against Miyazaki soot-sprites but do you really want a tattoo that speaks in Billy Crystal's voice?
    Yeah, now that I think about it I can see the appeal.
    What I really wonder about, though, is where you plan to put it.

  2. I posted my tattoos on Fakebook. Now I'm not on Fakebook so it's too bad that you didn't see them.

  3. Wow! My 2 out of 3 kids have tattoos & I have no problem with anyone who's got them... I had 3 very painful & unplanned surgeries, Iv's and shot over 4 years to save my life cuz a surgeon was an idiot. My kids see this & just healthy as can be..1 is f@#÷×g vegan btw. But they voluntarily let tattoo artist poke the crap out of them with sharp objects & paint! I told them, you're both f#@ktards. My 3rd & youngest is in college & I typed up a contract that said, " If you sign this and have 0 tattoos at your graduation you make a guaranteed $1000.00 Guess who graduates in May with no neck tatts? My 3rd child Allyson.


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