Sunday, November 5, 2017

Weekend Update

I had a pretty incredible weekend.

Drummer Boy, Precocious Daughter, and I got to see an amazing night of music by co-headliners and iconic 90s bands Everclear and Toadies at a free music festival that happened to be a three-minute walk from my front door.

Occasionally life is awesome like that.

We're somewhere near the center of this photo,
rocking our asses off.

The three of us watched Everclear together, and godDAMN but Art Alezakis and his band have still got it.

Then PDaughter ended up meeting a friend in the crowd and watching Toadies from a spectacular front-left-corner-stage vantage point. Drummer Boy and I stayed in the middle-front-center and took in their awesome set.

PDaughter had a blast. She knows good music, what can I say? And DB and I had a blast. We met up afterwards and walked home, and everyone was so damn happy.

Vaden Todd Lewis and company gave a fantastic set. They opened with "I Come from the Water," which happens to be my favorite Toadies song, and finished with a literally spine-tingling cover of "I Put a Spell on You" with a mind-blowing vocal from Vaden.

It was a great night.

And then Drummer Boy slept over, and we spent Sunday together. And while PDaughter watched the Cowboys game with her dad, DB and I watched it together and made yummy cheeseburgers and fries. After the game PDaughter came home, and the three of us watched several episodes of "How I Met Your Mother."

(Backstory: HIMYM is being pulled from Netflix on November 13, and we're currently near the end of Season 8 and trying to make it to the end of Season 9 in the next eight days. [In best Robin-speaking-to-Patrice voice, I don't want any SPOILERS YOU GUYS.])

There is so much shitty stuff taking place in the world right now. The Pentagon is threatening to invade North Korea. Some random asshole gunned down 26 people in a tiny church in Texas. The President of the United States continues to be a sociopathic narcissist who has no clue how to conduct diplomacy.

So you've got to concentrate on the little things that affirm the goodness of life.

Like the love of a good man and an exemplary daughter. Like a shared sense of community. Like the power of peace, love, and rock and roll.

Neither DB nor I slept well Saturday night. He found my fold-out couch terribly uncomfortable, and I was plagued by bad dreams. On Sunday I told him I had had nightmares that we had gone to a sort of indoor/outdoor mall/educational facility, and he had been not just angry or disappointed but contemptuous of the way I interacted with the people and exhibits there.

He said, "That sounds more like the way (my ex-spouse) would react." Which was exactly what I was about to say.

Projection is a thing, you guys.

Don't ever blame someone else for the demons sent to you by the past.

Love each other, and love life.

That's all.

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  1. Just a quick note regarding HIMYM: there's very likely a public library near you that has it on DVD. So if something happens and you can't finish it on Netflix use your local library.
    And just use your local library anyway.


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