Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Yet Another "Business" Movie

Tonight Precocious Daughter and I went to the movies.

We saw Wall Street, which is having a limited theatrical re-release to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

And also because greed, for lack of a better word,
is good.
We had a great time. I mean, Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, and an endless parade of what 1987 thought was high-tech?

My new favorite GIF, honestly.
What I love about Wall Street (apart from the hideous decor that Daryl Hannah thought was totes stylish in 1987) is that Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen - famous father-and-son acting duo - play father and and son in the film. And they both kick ass.

It's a completely convincing relationship, you guys.

If you are a certain age, you totally yelled "Holy crap, he looks
just like Martin Sheen!" in a crowded theater in 1986.

So I was amused when, as we were leaving the theater, I remarked, "I love that Martin Sheen and Charlie Sheen played father and son"...

...and she responded, "Wait, what? OMG, I was wondering how they found two actors who looked so much alike."

PDaughter has seen Apocalypse Now, btw.

I guess she didn't recognize Sheen pere.

You guys, I love watching her face when she puts things together for the first time.

Like this, not gonna lie.
Both Sheens are spectacular in Wall Street. Almost as good as Michael Douglas' hair.

I just love watching PDaughter learn more things about the movies, an art form she absolutely adores (much like her mom).

I love that she wants to watch classic movies, and I'm honored that she's willing to watch them with me.

I'm thinking we need to binge-watch "The West Wing" so we can drink in the greatness of Martin Sheen.

She deserves to know...right?

Not that our Netflix queue isn't ridiculously full, but...what would you recommend we watch together?

Just wondering.


  1. What should you watch together? This clip, of course. Less than a minute and yet I hope it will provide many minutes of laughter.


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