Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Star-Spangled Jackcrap

Just a thought tonight, Drunkards.

According to the United States Flag Code

...which was passed in June 1924 and codified into law in 1942...

there are a crap-ton of things you musn't do with/to/by the flag of the United States of America.

For instance, the flag should never be displayed horizontally or on the ground.

It should never be used as apparel.

It should never have any word or design placed on it.

It should never be used as part of an athletic uniform.

Can I get a flag tattoo and be a totally bitchin' 'Murican patriot?

In other words, the American flag is a piece of cloth meant to be saluted as a symbol of our freedom. It's not meant to be venerated or worshiped, and surely not to be used as a fashion accessory or an ostentatious display of one's superior patriotism.

Flown on a pole, or worn on a uniform, it is an object fitting of respect by American citizens.

As a t-shirt design or piece of body art, it is the secular equivalent of sacrilege.

Raise the flag in the morning, lower it in the evening, and I will respect this symbol of my uniquely American heritage.
Treat it like a Coke logo or a McDonald's ad...and, yeah, screw your fake love of country.

I respect my flag.

I don't worship it.

Because worship is for sheep and suckers. God (as I understand it) be with me, I support knowledge.

Sweet Jeebus, forgive me.

I'd hate to be misunderstood on such a straightforward subject.

Especially in satin shorts


  1. Does Captain America get a pass since he's a fictional member of a fictional military? Asking for friend.

  2. It's also not only acceptable but even required under certain circumstances to burn a flag. A kid in my Scout troop purposely let a flag touch the ground so he could burn it.
    Still isn't it appalling that our president is so focused on a few African Americans engaged in protest that he can't pay any attention to the plight of three million US citizens on an island he helped bankrupt?

  3. Trump got his way yet again. He waves something shiny - ooh, flag disrespect! - in front of idiot Americans, and they fall for it, ignoring the reason that at least one player began his peaceful protest. Black people did not come here for freedom; they were dragged in chains. They built this damn country from the ground up, died in every war the US has fought. Slaves built the White House, yet their descendants still cannot take a seat at the table! Slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and it continues today with voter suppression efforts by white politicians.

    Black people get shot, killed, jailed and railroaded to prison every day in this country, and white people still deny what is plain to see if only we would look.

    Yet all most people are talking about is whether sit/stand/kneel/lie down/dance/screw is proper when the national anthem is played!

    Trump got exactly what he wanted - distraction from the real issues.

  4. Worship of false idols? Isn't that frowned on by The Father, Son and Holy Ghost? Just saying.


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