Saturday, September 16, 2017

Homecoming for the Rest of Us. Please.

Precocious Daughter is a senior in high school.

She's is marching band. She is playing at her high school's Homecoming game for the last time.

For the last time.

I mean, obviously, whatever. BUT STILL.

Everything PDaughter does this year is obviously in "OMG the last time she ever..." territory.

And she has expressed her utter disdain for it.

But I'm her mom, so...OMG OMG OMG.

Tonight PDaughter is playing lead clarinet in her marching band in support of her school's Homecoming game.

Which I expect they will lose pathetically because they're not very good.

UPDATE: They lost. Bad. Really bad.

Turns out spending $3400 on a clarinet doesn't guarantee a winning high school football season. Like, who knew?

OK, though.

They lost. Badly.

Yet the Homecoming Dance is tomorrow, nonetheless.

And PDaughter will attend, and she will look beautiful.


And she will go as the platonic friend of a boy she's known since childhood.

And if he does anything...


...less than respectful to my baby girl...

...he will answer to  me.

As will his parents.

And anyone else who claims to know us.

Just saying.

Mama Tiger is activated.

Just in case.


Happy Homecoming, children.


  1. I wish I had appreciated the Big Lasts I had back when I was having them. I was too busy trying to be cool back then to take much notice.

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  3. it always puts me in a good mood reading about the ongoing scenarios in your life. they are so exciting to read. and i hope the homecoming is legit


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