Sunday, July 30, 2017

Ramen Forever, Am I Right?

OK, so there is a brand of ramen called IndoMie.

You won't find it your local grocery store.

BUT...if you're fortunate enough to live in a cosmopolitan area that supports Asian supermarkets... I am fortunate enough to live in an area that has large Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian, Pakistani, Indian populations, all within 30 minutes of my home...

...then you can find IndoMie at a local Asian grocery.

Or on Amazon. Because Amazon sells all the things.

$18.00 for a case of 30, and free Prime shipping.
Why the hell do I continue to eat literally
anything else?
 The amazing thing about IndoMie instant noodles is that it's not just a block of curly noodles and a packet of mostly-salt "seasoning." IndoMie actually provides five (FIVE) separate sachets of various oils and spices, which you combine in your ramen-eating vessel of choice prior to adding the boiled noodles.

The result is an effing wonderful confluence of sweet, spicy, and savory notes that you simply cannot achieve via the 22 cents-per-serving mass-produced garbage ramen available in most stores.

And it takes literally five seconds longer to open and combine these flavors than it does to dump in the highly salty packet of shit that I almost always just toss because I'd rather flavor my noodles with peanut butter and a hint of soy sauce than open that foil square of garbage that comes in the package.

Seriously, am I the only one here who thinks that way?

I do NOT enjoy this comparison, you guys.
But here's my main point.

I made myself a package of IndoMie ramen a few days ago.

Honestly, I've done a shit job of taking care of myself while Precocious Daughter has been out of town.

It turns out that when I'm alone, I don't give a flip about food. That's probably not healthy, which is why it's a good thing I remembered the ramen.

So I made it, and opened the five packets of flavoring, and really enjoyed it.

Today, PDaughter is back home with me. But she's with her dad.

So, 10 hours after waking, I decided I should probably eat.

I made my second packet of IndoMie ramen.

You guys.

The five seasoning packets...were different.

I swear I got two of the same flavor of noodles.

Yet the configuration of the five packets was NOT the same as the one I'd made a few days earlier.

Like, there was a chili pepper powder that was not present in the first package. And the packet of "Bumbu Sauce" was substantially larger.

The results both times were absolutely delicious, mind you.

But now I'm wondering if IndoMie is a magic brand that provides a different flavor palette every time you make it.

I'm not in the least against this.

Because so far it has been excellent ramen, believe me.

I'll return to the local Asian grocery soon and purchase more IndoMie instant noodles.

This is so much more exciting than buying canned tuna or pork-and-beans at Target, honestly.

I feel so alive.

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  1. Ramen was my favorite work-lunch--light, compact, easy to carry and make, and, I thought, relatively healthy until someone told me ramen is high in fat. And there on the package it says it contains 27,000 grams of fat and a year's worth of the daily recommended intake of sodium.
    Now I need to check the stats on IndoMie, which I'm sure I can find at one of the numerous Asian markets in my 'hood. And even if it's as bad, or worse, than the regular grocery store ramen I'll probably still pretend the advantages outweigh the fat grams.


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