Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Phunny Photoshop, Trumph Phersion

This is one of the finest visual mashups I've ever seen:

I am the biggest crook ever. Believe me.

I wish I knew whom to attribute this image to. To whom to attribute this image. Whatever, the point is, bravo.

And also, I love that the resistance has a) a sense of humor and b) mad Photoshop skills. In the 21st century, you can't put a "Laugh-In" or an "All in the Family" on TV, but satire suckles at the fertile teat of social media.

Does that metaphor even make sense?


I decided to look for other brilliantly manipulated images of Presidense Trump. And I found them.

These are funny, you guys. That's all. Just funny.

Much funnier than the impending Constitutional crisis looming because of the current administration's delusions of despotism.

Check these out:

We are not amused.

Hello, America. *digusting smacking noises*

When art imitates life.

Lady and the Trump...too easy?

Did anyone else notice that both faces are Trump?

Actual photo from the New York Times, I'm pretty sure.

Creativity award to the artist that did this one.

Notice that never once in this post did I refer to the President of the United States as an ape, a n****r, a Muslim, or a traitor.

I just posted funny pictures.

(I would be thrilled to provide artist credit for these, if received.)

God Bless the Hell out of America.


  1. I just got a call from October 2016 me to ask why we're still talking about this guy.
    I...didn't have the heart to answer truthfully.

  2. Holy moly, it's tough to keep a sense of humor about this guy.


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