Friday, December 16, 2016

Just a Bit of Good News

My mom was released from the hospital tonight.

Regular readers know that she's been in the hospital twice since Precocious Daughter and I visited my parents the week of Thanksgiving.

And it's been hard, you guys. Really fucking hard.

But tonight, Mom is home. Reunited with my dad and their precious elder cat Tiger. Everybody seems happy and optimistic.

It's been a difficult fucking couple of weeks.

I don't like confronting the fact that my parents are old and increasingly frail. That sucks, you know? Some of you know, some of you will know eventually. As we age, our parents age even further. And death awaits us all.

Yeah, Merry Christmas and whatnot.

I just want my parents to be OK.


  1. I get it. My mom has done two rounds of chemo and is now in a clinical trial for stage-4 cancer. She feels good and is incredibly active for a 78-year-old, but it still had brought home the fact that she won't be around forever. :-(

  2. Every Christmas I read Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory and one of many lines that always gets me is this one: "It's bad enough in life to do without something you want; but confound it, what gets my goat is not being able to give somebody something you want them to have."
    Your mother being home for Christmas was not a gift I could give but it was something I wanted you to have, and I'm glad she will be.


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