Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hello, Milwaukee Part II

Day 3 in Milwaukee:

My parents and Precocious Daughter and I went to Grant Park in South Milwaukee and walked the Seven Bridges. Even though it was 30 degrees out, the beach on Lake Michigan still made me oh so happy.

Make it a bucket list item. You won't be sorry.
Then we toured my ancestral home town of South Milwaukee, seeing the apartments I lived in from ages two to five, the homes of three of my aunts (and uncles and cousins), and the cemetery where my grandparents are buried. You guys, I don't want to be buried in the ground, but there is something somber and touching about walking amongst the gravestones of the dead and wondering about their stories and honoring your own relatives. With PDaughter at my side, I felt I was finally able to present her to her great-grandparents. Yeah, I got a little choked up. I miss my grandparents, and I know they would have loved her to death.

We spent the afternoon chilling, and then PDaughter and I visited my dear friend South Side Shelly, who proved to be exactly as smart and funny and eclectic as I remembered her from high school. She and PDaughter hit it off really well. We had dinner at an Italian place in Bay View called Tenuta's that was really quite wonderful. I love you, Shelly.

Tomorrow PDaughter and I will drive around some more, visiting landmarks and whatnot. Definitely visiting the Mitchell Park Domes, which happens to be just a few blocks from the house her father and I lived in as newlyweds. Maybe going to Kopp's Frozen Custard, even though the temperature will be in the thirties (spoiler alert: not optimal frozen custard weather).

In case you can't tell, I'm having the best time in Milwaukee. PDaughter and I are having an experience we'll share forever. I'm cherishing this time with my parents.

This is my Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for?


  1. .....that I got a cup of coffee at my elbow?

  2. Among other things I'm grateful that I've stood on the shore of every one of the Great Lakes and waded in Lake Erie in March and Lake Michigan in November at night.
    Spoiler alert: not optimal wading time, although I suspect the Great Lakes are always cold but I didn't know when I'd have the opportunity again.
    And also thankful for coffee.
    Keep your desires small and you will never be disappointed, although I do wish there was a place to get frozen custard where I live because that stuff is delicious at any time.

  3. Coffee's good. Having your family near, even if it's bitter cold. Having your health (not to be taken for granted). Turkey dinner!


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