Monday, October 24, 2016

Four Evils Is a Lot, You Must Admit

Early voting began today in Texas.

I may try to vote early. Work is crazy right now, but I kind of want to get it over with and ensure that my ballot gets cast without some right-wing nutjob self-styled patriot in a trucker cap trying to intimidate me with his beer-belly and empty, soulless eyes.

Oh, Tom Hanks. I would write in your name for President
if I thought we had a single vote to cast frivolously.

At this point I'm not going to change my mind. The clear choice among the four appallingly mediocre major candidates is obvious, if unappealing. We have:

A sociopathic Republican with zero record of public service who is deeply indebted to foreign interests and constitutionally unable to refrain from bullying and insulting those who oppose his views;

An unimpressive Libertarian who has displayed a lack of aplomb in interviews and public appearances and whose policy statements are sincere but vague and impractical;

An unqualified Green Party candidate whose positions are uniformly naive, impractical, and lacking in specifics; and

A long-time Washington insider with questionable ethics balanced against decades of public service and positions of authority.

Any one of the four is more than capable of imperiling Americans, both domestically and with regard to our nation's standing in the world.

Three of the four could prove to be an embarrassment by virtue(?) of their temperament and savvy.

Two of the four have actually held elected office and possess a track record of successes and failures by which to judge them.

Only one has a chance in hell of winning the electoral college.

I'm casting my vote to increase the odds of the least disastrous candidate winning.

Might I regret it? Of course. I eventually regretted voting for Bill Clinton (and didn't make the same mistake in 1996 when he ran for re-election).

So regretting a vote to put another Clinton in office is totally a possibility.

How many Republicans regretted putting another Bush in office?

They can never un-elect us, Daddy. Remember that.

Maybe a bad example. I don't know.

Anyway. I think I will try to vote early. If for no other reason than for two weeks of peace of mind before I have to watch the returns on November 8th.

Two weeks of peace of mind is something none of the candidates promised. Missed opportunity there.

If they don't see that the American people just want this over and done with so we can sleep at night, then none of them really deserves to win.

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