Saturday, September 24, 2016

Weekly Round-up

Just a few odds and ends from the week.

Terry Jones: Ah, dear, brilliant, funny Terry Jones. This week his publicist announced the Monty Python comedian and historical scholar would no longer give interviews due to advancing dementia and aphasia, which has curtailed his ability to speak. Michael Palin posted a most touching tribute to his longtime friend and collaborator on Facebook.

As I've mentioned in this space, given how 2016 has unfolded thus far, there is a legitimate fear regarding the continued life and health of any number of iconic figures of a certain age, including that of Eric Idle and John Cleese, whose two-man show I'm ticketed to see in December. They must survive the year, if only so I can hear their heartfelt and undoubtedly irreverent tribute to Mr. Jones. Best wishes, Terry J.

Donald Trump: I completely sympathize with those who don't support Hillary Clinton. I don't support her, but I will hold my nose and vote for her, because Trump, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein mooshed together Human Caterpillar-style do not make up one viable candidate for President. Anyway, the first debate is Monday night. I plan to live-blog it. I also plan to take a shot every time Trump smirks, interrupts, lies, or says "believe me." I assume I will pass out approximately 15 minutes into the proceedings. DON'T MISS THIS, YOU GUYS.

Beans: Ah, my beanie-babies. They now number in the dozens, although most of them are very wee. There are more each day, and the beanblossoms continue to proliferate. Dallas decided to celebrate the beginning of Fall by being approximately 167 degrees every day (possibly a slight exaggeration), so I was bringing my pot o' beans inside every morning before I left for work, to protect them from the heat. Until, that is, one of my bean-bearing tendrils decided to be soulmates with the balcony.

D'awwww. I'm not about to break up this happy relationship.
So I've been diligently watering, nipping the withered leaves, and monitoring the health of my nascent beans. We are due to see significantly cooler, wetter weather over the next several days, and I'm hoping this will jump-start my crop.

I'm a Terrible Person: Riley's Mom, who is an always-supportive Drunkard but more importantly a close personal friend, is getting married tomorrow. I was invited. I RSVP'd that I would attend. I just sent her a message expressing my regrets. I feel like a sack of shit, you guys. But there are a number of reasons why I can't attend an out-of-town wedding right now. I don't like hiding behind the curtain of "social anxiety," because I know that's a real, debilitating thing for some people, while for me it's mostly a convenient description for not much enjoying being around large groups of people. Still, I currently identify as a socially awkward, shy, self-conscious, recently-divorced person who won't even attend her daughter's high school's football games, let alone a formal occasion where I won't recognize one face in 20. I hope Riley's Mom won't hate me for wasting an expensive plate at her reception. I hope she will accept with equanimity the generous wedding gift I will be sending to her and her fiance. I hope she will have a very long and very happy marriage. I can't wait to see the pictures. Love you, Riley's Mom.

How was your week, Drunkards? This is (I hope) a judgment-free space. Go ahead and sound off.

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  1. The news about Terry Jones is so sad, and revealing of how dementia can strike even the most intelligent, active mind. And Jones has certainly been active. Since 1980 when he wrote Chaucer's knight : the portrait of a medieval mercenary he's written or co-written...well, a whole lot of books including history, literary studies, and children's stories.
    But somewhere beans are growing. That makes my week a little better.


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