Monday, September 5, 2016

On Beans and Other Living Things

I have beans.


For those of you who have been following (and God bless you if you have), I've been trying to grow bean plants this summer.

Just click on the "Beans" tab on the right-hand side of this page if you want all the details. In a nutshell, I planted some beans in May and have been waiting/hoping/despairing on productive bean plants ever since.

Here in North Texas we had a spell of HOT, dry weather from July through early August that sort of dashed my hopes of producing lovely edible beans on my balcony.

Dashed, but did not destroy, I must say.

Mid-August brought a near-miraculous spell of unseasonably cool and wet weather to the Dallas area. And my bean plants, despite one untimely death, have been growing and thriving all summer.

As long as "growing and thriving" to you includes "not producing a single recognizable bean."

Yeah, that's been a bit of a sore spot here.

No beans. Not a single one since May.

But a few days ago, I spotted...

Wait for it...

I spotted...A BEAN.



As of this writing, I have about a half-dozen tiny beans. And when I say tiny, I mean "too small for my crappy cell-phone camera to capture clearly" tiny. That's why I'm not posting pictures...yet. My beanie babies are maybe a quarter-inch long and the width of a few hairs.


I'm so happy. Happy for my fledgling beans, happy for the many blossoms that hopefully will turn into beans over the next few days.


Also, possibly I'm focusing on my small victory of creating viable beans instead of facing the fears I have that my Precocious Daughter is involved in an unproductive relationship and will not focus on her college education because she's being manipulated in a different direction by a controlling boyfriend.

But...beans, yeah?

I'll post pictures when they get a bit larger.

Any advice about beans or raising an emotionally independent daughter are welcome.



  1. Your beans, with a little help from you but mostly on their own, have managed to grow and even thrive.
    There may be a metaphor in that.


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