Friday, September 2, 2016

Bits N Pieces

Some short takes for a long weekend:

  • My guest post for The Booklynite is up. Check it out, and then check out the whole blog, because she's a pretty kick-ass person and my newest Friend I've Never Met.
  • With college football season kicking off, I feel the need to watch (for the 80,000th time) my all-time favorite Key and Peele bit:

  • Drummer Boy and I will be watching Gene Wilder movies this weekend. We will laugh, and possibly cry. I wonder if he's ever seen The Producers?
  • Here's a big one: Precocious Daughter and I will be spending Thanksgiving week in my hometown. My parents have moved into their new house in suburban Milwaukee, and we're going to visit. I'm excited to see it again, and even more excited to show PDaughter her mom's old haunts. I hope that's not weird. Is that weird? I hope not.
  • I just found out that Netflix is re-booting one of my all-time favorite shows, "One Day at a Time." It will feature a Cuban-American family, with Rita Moreno(!) as the grandma. All the characters will be new, except Schneider. Exactly as it should be. Oh, and I tweeted about it, and the show's producer responded. Sweet.

  • Finally, this: It's September, even though New Year's Day was, like, three weeks ago. Damn, 2016, though. I feel as if we will have to face at least one more major celebrity death in the next four months. Give me strength, Drunkards. We're all going to need it.

More tomorrow. If I haven't told you lately...I love you guys.


  1. If I understand correctly the actor who played Scheider, Pat Harrington, will be back.
    So, up on your feet!
    Okay I have to confess I had to look up the lyrics because I always heard that line as "So whomp on the beat". Although it does make sense. If there's a beat then it should be whomped.

    1. That would be a neat trick, as Pat Harrington sadly died earlier this year. But the *character* of Schneider will return, played by some dude I never heard of but I don't get out much.

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