Saturday, August 13, 2016

Snakes and Dreams and Whatnot

Last night I dreamed I finally got a pet snake.

In my dream it was called a Grenier's green snake. This is not a real thing. But it was green and looked much like a milk snake with green pigmentation.

Picture this, only green.

In my dream I took my snake to work and let it crawl around my office. I thought it might freak out my co-workers, but for the most part they were very chill about my snake. It helped that he was a very calm, friendly snake. There were no problems as he slithered from office to office, minding his business.

Now, in my waking life, I'm a bit obsessed with spotting snakes in the wild. Whenever I go for a walk, my eyes are trained on sidewalks, grassy areas, gardens, hoping to catch a glimpse of a native Texas snake. So far I've been disappointed.

But in my dream, apparently the presence of my lil green snake attracted others, and soon my office was full of snakes of all kinds. Long, short, skinny, fat...They were all harmless, but you couldn't walk into a co-worker's office or a restroom without encountering a fat, pretty snake. No big deal. No one ever complained. Awesome, right?

Except that I lost my snake. The one who was my personal pet, the one who attracted all the others. Occasionally I would find a different kind of snake perished in a restroom or other place, presumably drowned or starved in such an unfamiliar environment. And I would despair that I would find my Grenier's green snake in the same state.

Eventually I woke up without finding out what happened in my dream.

It happens.

But I can't quite get his dream out of my head.

Dream interpretation websites I've consulted say that dreaming of green snakes indicates a creative resurgence, a transformation, a resurgence. Which sounds wonderful.

Except for the sites that say dream snakes symbolize extreme jealousy and insecurity.

So I don't know.

I prefer the first interpretation obviously, especially because it more closely mirrors what is actually happening in my life.

But I'm not inclined to ignore the second interpretation, because jealousy and insecurity are totally me, as well.

Who knows, actually?

What do you dream about, Drunkards?

What are you inspired to do as a result?

I want to know.


  1. I dreamt the night before last that I was a cannibal psychopath.

  2. I once dreamed I was Gene Shalit's wife.
    That's not unusual. I often dream I'm a completely different person with a whole other history.
    Night terrors, on the other hand, seem to only afflict me when I'm fully myself.
    I hope you have another dream in which you find your snake again. A reunion might help lessen the jealousy and insecurity.


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