Thursday, July 14, 2016

And the Beat Goes On

Mass murders claimed by or known to be inspired by ISIS in 2016, as of July 14.


Zliten, Libya - Truck bombing. Sixty dead.

Hurghada, Egypt - Stabbing attack at hotel. Two injured.

Istanbul, Turkey - Suicide bombing. Twelve dead.

Jakarta, Indonesia - Suicide bombings/shootout. Four dead.

Mahasen, Saudi Arabia - Suicide bombing at a Shi'a mosque. Four dead.

Homs, Syria - Car bombings. Fifty-seven dead.

Sayyidah Zaynab, Syria - Car bombing/suicide bombings at a Shi'a mosque. Eighty-three dead.

Istanbul, Turkey - Suicide bomber. Four dead.

Brussels, Belgium - Suicide bombings at a Metro station and airport. Thirty-two dead.

Aden, Yemen - Suicide bombings targeting military checkpoints. Twenty-six dead.

al-Asriya, Iraq - Suicide bombing in soccer stadium. Thirty-three dead.

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Stabbing of LGBT activist. Two dead. al-Qaida group claimed responsibility.

Baghdad/Samawa, Iraq - Four separate car bombings. Ninety dead.

Balad, Iraq - Shooting/suicide bombing. Twenty-eight dead.

Aktobe, Kazakhstan - Shootings. Seven dead.

Orlando, United States - Shooting at a gay nightclub. Forty-nine dead.

Magnanville, France - Stabbing. Two dead.

Ataturk, Turkey - Shooting/suicide bombing at an airport. Forty-four dead.

Gulshan, Bangladesh - Hostage situation/shootings. Twenty-three dead.

Baghdad, Iraq - Two bomb attacks. More than 290 dead.

Medina, Saudi Arabia - Suicide bombing at a mosque and three other attacks in which only the bombers were harmed. Seven dead.

Nice, France - Shooting/truck ramming at a Bastille Day celebration. Approximately 80 dead.


Estimated civilian and combatant death toll attributed to the "war on terror:" 1.3-2 million as of mid-2015. Total includes only deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan; does not include deaths in Yemen, Syria, or other countries targeted in the war on terror.


We're not winning. None of us is winning.

I don't have answers, or even suggestions. Only these statistics.

And great anger and sadness.

Nous somme le monde. Nous somme tous.


  1. My only suggestion is mass migration to Mars for everyone with a functioning brain. And we stay there until the rest of them have done killing each other the hell off.

  2. Rap on, rap on, sister.
    I don't mean to make light of it, just to borrow the words of The Temptations who said it so well.

    1. Oh yeah, and Love & Rockets had a pretty decent cover. And the nuns in Sister Act II.
      My sister was a nun until she found out what "none" meant.


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