Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's Bean-ginning to Look a Lot Like Summer

Bean update, Drunkards.

Yes, that is totally a bonus pic of the Siamese Kitten, who has discovered our postage stamp-sized balcony and decided she is all about that. I'm a little nervous whenever she goes out, because four stories up. But the other day, she went out, saw someone walking a dog in the courtyard 40 feet down, and got freaked out and ran inside. She's gradually alleviating my fears that she'll do something stupid like leap, but I still keep a very close eye on her when she follows me out.

Anyway, after our cool Texas Spring, we've totally entered the hot Texas Summer. As a result, my beans' growth has plateaued. They still look great, but their willy-nilly expansion is no longer happening.

See those pale, browning leaves? I'm regularly pinching those off so that the stronger plants can thrive. I'm dumping 48 oz. of water into the pot every other day, which seems to be enough. Should I do more? Do they need more to graduate from growing to, um, beaning?

I don't know.

There's a chance of rain over the next few days, which makes me happy, because Mother Nature seems to know what my sproutlings need much better than I do.

I just want beans.

I'm not saying this is harder than motherhood. I'm just saying it might possibly be equally hard.

Next update in five days.

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