Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Confidential to Some of You: Fuck Off

To those of you who have asked me if I've finalized my divorce...

...who have hounded me to do so...

...who keep asking with all the concern of the detached...

...who are thinking it but not saying anything...

...who think maybe I don't want it after all...


I'm sure you care. I'm equally sure you don't care.

Why the fuck you care I have no idea.

Very soon, the state will recognize that I am divorced.

Go State.

Until then...back off.

Back off, the rest of you motherfuckers.

I'm getting there, and I don't give a great goddamn if it agrees with your schedule.

Walk in my shoes, pay my bills, and raise my child if it really means that much to you.


Love you. Unless you're aforementioned asshole. In which case, you'e an asshole.

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