Thursday, May 12, 2016

Right Click. Save Image. Share.

Is this on?

*taps microphone*

*feedback squeal*

Sorry about that.

OK. Ahem.

Attention, people who moan that letting individuals use the public restroom that corresponds to their gender self-identification will lead to an epidemic of sexual assaults by men "claiming they feel like a woman" as justification for ambushing females in the ladies' room:

Men who dress up as women to commit acts of violence in the ladies' room are not transgender. They are cross-dressing sex-offender assholes.

Being a sex offender asshole is already illegal. And if you truly believe anybody would fall for the legal argument that "I woke up and suddenly felt like a woman so I went into the ladies' room and while I was there I raped a little girl," then you need to put your own repressed rape fantasies in check.

Thank you.

Please get this message out.

*gently sets mic down*

*kicks it across the stage*


  1. You mean *kicks it across the stage in a feminine and ladylike way*, right?

  2. A few years ago a Tennessee state legislator stated, in very clear and frighteningly graphic terms, that he would murder any man he saw using a woman's dressing room to try on clothes. Given opportunities to retract or at least tone down his statement he refused.
    So...who's the real threat here?

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