Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hold On To That Feeling

Hi, Drunkards.

I wrote this in 1993 or so.

**poetry alert**

I know some of you aren't into that. Sorry, not sorry.
Can you explain to me
Without touching my hand
Or holding me spellbound
But honestly
Why I should believe you
When you say

There's no gold to be mined
No diamonds to find
In the glittering moments you spend on me?
Time is so precious.
You don't realize
The gift that you've given me.
No one denies

Some boxes are meant to stay sealed,
Some scenarios go unrevealed.

If you must speak
Don't say a word,
I'll know you've heard

When you open your eyes
And explain to me


I wrote that in 1993 or so.

And now, 23 years later, the subject of my humble poem is my lover, my friend, my forever partner.

You never know, Drunkards.

To quote noted philosophers Journey, don't stop believing.

I love you, Drummer Boy. After all these years, I love you.

Don't stop, you guys.


  1. You know, this made me smile. And just maybe someday I can find someone to be happy with again.

  2. Beautifully phrased and excellent advice. I hope you follow it too.

  3. I like your poetry a lot. Share some more (old or new)!


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