Thursday, February 4, 2016

Whither Scarlet O'Hairball?

You may recall, my dear Drunkards, that a while back I held a contest to name my Victorian cat doll.

The winning name, courtesy of Karen McBoob, was Scarlet O'Hairball. And I promised to display my beautiful and newly named porcelain kitty in my apartment.

But I haven't done that.

I indeed has a sad.
It's taking me and Precocious Daughter a long time to settle in to our new digs. We're still acquiring furniture (newest acquisitions: a bookshelf and a TV stand, both still boxed and awaiting assembly). We're still discarding cardboard boxes. We're still getting used to life as two women looking for love from very different vantage points in life.

There's an ironing board behind my bedroom door because I can't figure out where it belongs, is what I'm saying. 

But here's my point. Scarlet O'Hairball needs to find a home in my home, and she hasn't yet, and I'm not happy about that.

I need your help. I need some advice on where this beautiful little porcelain kitty in a crimson-satin-and-white-lace dress should live in my small but wonderful home.

Please vote for an option, if you will.

A: On the display shelf in the living room, where everyone can see her.

B: In your bedroom, so you can smile every morning on waking and seeing her beautiful face.

C: On top of the kitchen cabinets, which you are wanting to make a focal point but which at the moment are bare and simply attracting dust that you're afraid to climb up and confront.

D: Keep S. O'H. in her box. She is from another time in your life and doesn't need to be part of your next chapter.

Help me out, you guys. I'll do what you want. Or I'll consider it. Or something. Yeah.

Scarlet and I thank you in advance. I'll let you know how the vote goes. 


  1. Living room..I vote for living room

  2. I second the living room. Everyone should be basking in Miss Scarlett's greatness.

  3. Unless you have a victorian carved dark mahogany empire display cabinet (which she clearly belings in) I vote for D. Isn't she pretty much guaranteed to get knocked over by your cat in any of locations A thru C? I say box her up, and only take her out for Gone With the Wind marathons.

    1. But I love her. And you, for naming her. Can't we come to a resolution?

    2. Sure. I was leaning towards B until i read "She is from another time in your life..." I'm generally all for moving on. On the other hand, there's the whole baby and the bathwater thing to be considered.

      I would have suggested E) Buy twenty more ceramic victorian cat dolls, put on a black sweater with big green cat eyes and just fully commit to becoming a crazy cat lady, but you're my age and we're at least another fifteen years before that would make us quirky instead of sad.

      What does your daughter think?

  4. I third the living room. Just looking at pictures of her makes me happy. Hopefully she makes you happy too. She looks like she makes everyone happy.

    Spread the happiness.

  5. Bathroom. I feel like she needs to be in there watching you pee.

  6. Ikea has nice (cheap) cabinets with glass doors. I'd hate to see her get knocked over....


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