Monday, January 11, 2016


I know. I haven't posted in days. Because reasons.

Always with the reasons.
Let me catch you up on what's been going on.

1. My IRL job continues to knock me on my ass. I'm working so far above my pay grade, and getting so little recognition for it. My attempts to achieve sobriety are being severely hampered by my desire to drink away the stress of my job every single night.

2. I just finished reading an amazing debut novel, The Enthusiast, by Josh Fruhlinger. Josh runs the blog "The Comics Curmudgeon," and he's created a lovingly specific, obsessively immersive world in his story. I'll be posting a full review in this space very soon.

3. Speaking of novels, my friend, gadfly, pedant, and probable terrorist Bill the Butcher will publish his debut novel, Fidayeen, this month. I'm so goddamn happy for him I could just shit. I don't even know if that's sarcasm or not. I'll read it and review it here, of course.

4. So I bought this gorgeous lamp with a clear glass shade. But when I got home and opened the box, the shade was broken. I'm very bummed. I'm sure this qualifies as a First World Problem, but dammit, I really love this lamp, and I really hate returning things. Le sigh.

5. Tried an awesome burger joint for the first time tonight. There are actually two burger places in walking distance of my apartment. One is upscale and trendy, the other is an authentic dive that has been there in its grimy little strip center for God knows how long. That's the one Drummer Boy and I went to this evening. It was delicious. It was downscale, basic, and sans frills...but the half-pound burgers and seasoned fries were right on. Cheap, too. Yum.

6. This last one is for Dallas peeps only: WTF is going on with the Dallas Observer? It's smaller, it's thinner, it has fucking staples. And there's absolutely no sign of "Ask a Mexican" or "Tom the Dancing Bug." RIP, underground Dallas journalism. You've Rolling Stone'd yourselves quite successfully.

OK, it's late and I have to do my goddamn job in a few hours. Good night, Drunkards. I'll be back soon.


  1. *cough* Third novel, actually. But the first with a mainstream publisher :D

  2. I also just finished The Enthusiast, and enjoyed it greatly. And yeah, something about this time of year and jobs. In my case, I'm weaning of sugar. So I feel you. Hang tight.

  3. And this is why I love working in a library. The Enthusiast has been requested and is on its way. It actually fits with one university department focusing on the history of comics and animation.
    Up next: Fidayeen has also been requested. I kid you not it also fits with a university department's focus--but a different department.


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