Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Shameless Plug Alert


There's a new online-only magazine for women launching next week. It's called Knot So Subtle. Here's the URL --->

If you go there now, you'll see this:

Not that men aren't allowed.
But, yeah, this is a chick site for chicks.
And here's the most amazing part. They've asked me to write some things for them.

For money.

Not a lot of money. News flash: Most writers make very little, if any, scratch from their efforts. If we were doing it for the money, we'd be some hungry SOBs.

Still. You guys. This totally makes me a professional blogger.

Here's my card. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.
I've been a professional writer/editor for many years. I've been a ghostwriter, a freelancer, a gun-for-hire, an in-house fixer of all kinds of documents. It's the only thing I'm good at, and I've successfully incorporated wordsmithing into just about every job I've held, even if it wasn't what I was hired to do.

But this is the first time I've been paid to do the kind of writing I do here at Always Drunk. I write this blog because...hell, I don't really know why I write it. I have a compulsion to write and just enough ego to believe someone, somewhere might want to read it. I do it mostly for love of words and am utterly thrilled that I've attracted a small, kick-ass group of regular readers to share them with.

And now, with any luck, my poor words will be exposed to a larger audience. And maybe I'll be laughed off the Internet. But maybe, just maybe, a few more lovely people will join the Always Drunk family. I'd like that a lot.

So yes, this entire post is a shameless plug for a new online magazine that will feature content from yours truly. Knot So Subtle. It's from Canada, and Canada knows its shit. Going live on Monday, October 26. Maybe give it a click, not so much to support me (because I already feel your love on an overwhelmingly regular basis), but to support the talented writers, editors, and others who are trying to carve out a new destination for women's voices in cyberspace.

And I've already had three more pitches for future articles accepted. I'm scared to death.

(Confidential to Bestest Friend: This post veers dangerously close to the humblebrag model you dislike on another, very popular blogger's site. Don't worry, my essential insecurity and self-loathing remain intact.)


  1. This is awesome ... give us a tweet on the 26th as a reminder, because i am a forgetful fuck and won't remember and also ... not trying to brag here ... but i'm also a lazy fuck which means i can't be arsed to put it in my calendar ... you can maybe tell the level of my lazy fuckness by the number of times i didn't hold down the shift key when i typed 'i' ... and by my use of single rather than double quotation marks. sorry about shitting up your comments.

    question - are you really a professional editor? what type of editing? do you do regular 'ol copy editing too? and do you still do freelance work? if so ... contact me. you know how. and you can tell i really want to know cuz i had to use the fuckin shift key to get all these question marks in here.

  2. Now a woman from the magazine
    Said girl you're on your way
    Well somewhere along you found confidence
    And came up with things to say.

    Hugs :)))))))))))))))

  3. Oh BTW post links to your articles on here.

  4. Thanks for the tip, and good luck w/ the gig!

  5. Thanks for the tip, and good luck w/ the gig!

  6. I don't think it's a brag. You are informing us of where we might find more of your writing.

    And that you're a professional blogger now.

    Either way, congratulations and I look forward to reading your stuff over there, too!

  7. Whoo-hoo! I always thought the Canadians had it going on! Yes, links. Post them.
    And I'm also curious about writing as a career, since my son is planning on technical writing as a major. Wondering if he'll ever move out, actually...

  8. Unquestionably the best part of this is it means getting to read even more stuff by you.

    And it's one more reason to love Canada this week. Congratulations!


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