Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's All Good, Thanks

I am fortunate.

My life is so fucked up right now. Yet my life is so blessed right now.

I am so very thankful to those who have reached out to me, offered assistance to me, told me things would be OK.

If not for you guys, I literally would be slitting my wrists right now.

You probably think I haven't done this.
But I've done this SO. MANY. TIMES.
I was supposed to write today. Like, I have three for-real-Imma-get-paid posts and at least one zero-lol-blog post due right now. Yet I have done no writing today.

That's how it goes. So OK.

I'll get paid, right. 

Here goes.

Thanks. I love you guys.

I've mentioned that, right?

Cuz I do.



  1. You've shown yourself again and again to be a strong person so while I've often been concerned about you I've also always believed you'll get through the slings and arrows that keep coming at you.
    And it means a lot that I can give you something back in exchange for your wit and wisdom.

  2. What he said.
    Also: Did you ever get a new real estate agent? Seems like a jumpstart is in order....

  3. Small victories!

    I'm amazed by how much the people who come by my blog mean to me, too. Really. I mean, it's not even something that you can really tell others, or at least I can't.

    "Yeah, I have a bunch of people who understand me and give my life direction because of a blog that I don't even tell people in my real life about."

    We're all doing the best we can. More or less.

  4. The good news is, YOU GET PAID FOR BLOGGING! I wish I could! Turn that into some way to get paid $5,000 a month, and you'll be set! :)


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