Tuesday, September 8, 2015

That Pink Text, Though

Hi, Drunkards.

How was your day?

I just want to ask because I believe that whether your day has been hella good or absolutely craptastic (or even if you've had a run of such days), it's always nice to be asked how it's going. The fact that someone cared enough to ask can go a long, long way toward putting the good, bad, and meh of your day into perspective.

And conversely, not being asked - not even by someone you'd think would care enough to ask - can severely diminish whatever joy you might manage to salvage from a given day, whether it's good or bad or simply average.

So...how was your day?

(Not a rhetorical question, either. If you want to answer in the comments, or on Facebook, or via DM or email, please do. I'm happy to know.)

Anyway, onto tonight's blog topic.

I saw a post on Facebook that said this.

Make a list of things that make you happy to do.

Make a list of things you do every day.

Compare the two.

Adjust as needed.

And I immediately got the intent. You're supposed to see that you should be doing more of the things that bring you joy - like dancing in the rain or having a marathon dildo session while binge-watching "Scandal" - and less of the daily grind items that don't, like dealing with moron co-workers at the expense of slo-mo dancing through a field of unicorns.

But I'm not normal, so that's not where I went with the idea.

All I could think of was things like "I'll come to work when I damn well feel like it, bitches." "So long, daily showers." "Hot dogs = vegetables on the food pyramid, yo."

None of which violates the spirit of the meme. FOR REAL.

But actually, I guess I'm supposed to be thinking that my almost-ex will treat me fairly, that something called God will get me over the rough patches in my life, that a positive attitude will somehow grant me fucking peace.

That, too.

But this.


  1. Yeah, work... it's sooo muuuuch worrrrkkkkk. But I think we can choose how to use our evenings and weekends. Good reminder for me to plan fun things for the time of, and not just let it slip by.

  2. I mostly do things that make me happy. I mostly don't do things that don't make me happy.

    Although I could be fooling myself. Maybe I don't know the differecne anymore!

  3. Whoever wrote that meme must live in a blissful world where it's easy to "adjust as needed". On the other hand there was a documentary I watched about a guy who decided to stop caring about the things that made him miserable and everything in his life became great. It was called "Office Space".


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