Tuesday, August 4, 2015

You Must Be This Freaked Out to Ride

Sorry guys, no post last night. I was way too busy having an anxiety attack.

Unlike Binkley, my anxieties refuse to politely confine themselves
to a single room.
I'm going to have to get this under control. Because if I fail to post every time I have an anxiety attack, it could be weeks before I post again.

Yeah, I'm pretty much penciling in an anxiety attack every night for the next...calendar season.

Welcome to my well-organized psyche.

Yesterday, I spent eight hours at work tap dancing around numerous deadlines. Which is all I could do, because we had no: phones, internet, server access, email, or network connection.

Yesterday, I discovered that in 2015, there is literally no part of my job that I can do without a network connection. Except drink coffee. Which I absolutely consider part of my job.

If they ever invent a coffeemaker that runs on
a CAT-6 connection, I'm screwed, people.
Once all those precious functionalities were restored, I spent another two and a half hours frantically trying to rectify at least the most grievous disappointments to our clients.

When I got home, completely wiped out, I began to obsess over the fact that the photographer was going to be at our house in less than 24 hours, and OMG we're not ready. Somehow all the hard work Precocious Daughter and I had put into to cleaning the place was completely undone, and the place was a pigsty.

Possibly I was seeing things through the lens of anxiety.
I hadn't slept well the night before. Because anxiety. And after a frantic bout of cleaning that I'm sure made my family a bit worried about my emotional well-being, I went to bed early. And couldn't get to sleep again.

Because anxiety.

See the pattern?

So...two more days until the house goes on the market, x number of days before we get an offer (where x hopefully will be a single-digit number), y number of days until closing OR the buyer deciding they hate the house, me, and everything I stand for and backing out...

I'd like to get off this Being a Grownup ride, please. Turns out it's scary and makes me want to throw up.

I'm going to have some more coffee. Reliable, dependable coffee. Tastes good, perks me up, makes me poop.

I'll post again tonight. Unless, you know...anxiety.


  1. On the bright side unlike Binkley you've never put your head in your closet and had it come out covered with eels. At least I hope that's never happened to you.


  2. At least you can still laugh about it! Hang in there. Selling a house must be one of the most stressful life events, and you're combining it with a divorce, too. ...and without a network connection, to boot.


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