Thursday, July 23, 2015


In just a little over two weeks, I start moving into an apartment.

A super-nice apartment, but still...I've lived in a single-family home since 1996.

No problem, right?
My days as a homeowner are about to be behind me. Temporarily? Maybe. But the fact is, in August I become a renter, and Precocious Daughter and I will be apartment-dwellers.

It involves drinking from large coffee cups while
basking in sunlight, I understand.
This is new ground for me, though. So I beg your tolerance as I strive to understand the experience.

Such as:

I can't paint the walls.

I can't change the floors.

I can't install new fixtures in the kitchen/bathroom.

I can't knock out walls to open up the layout.

I can't redo the outdoor space.

I can't make over the closets.


This is what I've signed on for??


I can handle this.

If I can handle this...

After all, there's no yard work.

No fence repairs.

No worries about plumbing leaks or A/C fails.

No foundation issues.

No property tax increases.

No city code violations.

It's a tradeoff. Like everything else in life.

Maybe...when I'm ready for a spouse...I'll be ready for a house.

Is that how it goes?

I am amazingly OK with this.
But as it stands, I'm about two weeks from moving into an apartment that is half the size of my current single-family residence.

Yet that includes being free of one spouse and all the attendant incompatibilities thereof.

Overall, I'm terribly good with that.

Hey. I hope all of you are good with your living arrangements.

Let me know. OK?

I love hearing from you guys.


  1. At the moment I'm living in part of the house in which I grew up. This time two years from now, if all goes well, I will be 3500 kilometres away, probably in a rented apartment, hopefully in a rented semi-detached. Eventually hoping someday I can buy another place. But I would be happy just to have an apartment, somewhere in a city I can bear to live in.

  2. When I was in college we were only allowed to paint our dorm rooms with paint the university provided. We were given a flyer of samples of the colors we could choose from: supposedly five shades of white. Each one was compared to a fruit--a strawberry, a banana, blueberries, an orange, and grapes. I swear it was a test because the colors were identical.
    In previous years the paint policy must have been looser. When I had a gay roommate we were assigned a room that, when we walked in, was half blue and half pink. And we stuck with it because, hey, blue is for boys and pink is for boys.
    Here's hoping your new apartment bestows a similar gift on you.

  3. When I visited Europe I found that everyone had white walls, and the color came from the art, accessories, bedding, etc. I did that in my own house and I really like it. If you get tired of the color, get a new pillowcase. And being able to call someone else to do repairs is awesome! You'll get used to it very quickly....


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