Thursday, June 18, 2015

Try This

Let's try a little social experiment, shall we?

It's easy. Tomorrow morning, before you leave the house for your job or school or to run errands or whatever you might go out to do tomorrow, simply pick a color. Any color.

Well, actually, no, not any color. Don't pick your favorite color. In fact, try to think of a color that you don't really care for, maybe because it washes you out or because it reminds you of a bad relationship or simply because it's not pleasing to your eye. Pick a color like that.

For me it's red. Not a fan.

Then, for the entire day, as you go out into the world and interact with people and places and things, keep an eye out for that color. That color you don't like. 

If you see someone wearing that color, tell yourself there's something wrong with that person. Avoid eye contact. By all means, don't speak to them.

If you see that color on a billboard, vow out loud to never buy the product or support the cause it's advertising. If you browse to a website featuring that color in its design, click out of it without reading a word, even if it's something you're really interested in.

If you see a car that color on the road, change lanes or take the next exit or whatever you have to do to avoid occupying the same space.

Just do it. For an entire day, distance, disengage, and disparage that color and anything associated with it. Whether it feels silly to do it, or surprisingly liberating, declare mental and emotional war on that color for a whole day. When you go to bed that night, make sure you're not wearing it or seeing it anywhere around you. If there's anything that color in your bedroom, stuff it under the bed or take it to the trash.

When you wake up the next morning, start the whole thing over again. And again. And again, for a week, or a year, or the rest of your life. Treat that color you dislike like shit, and build your life around making sure everyone knows you don't accept its existence or its contributions to your life.

In the case of my example, it means no more red roses, ever. It means getting rid of my dressmaker's dummy, which happens to be red. It means not seeking a promotion from the influential, powerful person who happens to be wearing a red tie. But all of that is worth it, if it means banishing the offensive color from my life.

And if someone tries to tell you about something positive, uplifting, or inspirational that is related to that color, argue with them. If necessary, unfriend or unfollow them. You know you're right.


I'm going to do this for the next few days. Then I'll tell you how it went.

I promise not to shoot anyone, though.

Join me if you wish.

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