Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Day

Today was a day, Drunkards.

I did. I did have a day.
The contractor finished up the work on my house. It looks amazing. AMAZING. I keep wanting to cry but I'm not able to cry. I think part of me believes my house has always deserved to look this good, and right now the vindication is overpowering the regret I feel that it never looked this good until it was time to cut my losses and sell. Maybe the regret will take center stage later, and I'll cry and cry for what might have been.

Or maybe my subconscious knows I've gotten free and refuses to get weepy about it.

Doesn't everybody's subconscious look like
a young Paul Newman?
Oh hey, and the air conditioning went out again. And the same guy came out to look at it. And fixed it again. Different problem from last weekend, and simply caused by the contractors jostling and bumping the thermostat in the course of their work. The house, after a few hours of being swelteringly hot, is now blessedly cool.

This time I insisted he charge me for his time and effort. I've never been so happy to write a check.

I am a huge fan of money well spent.
And Precocious Daughter and I looked at some apartments today.

That is a whole 'nother story.

But it was a very, very fruitful search, let me say. More on that later.

Tomorrow is Father's Day. PDaughter and I will take her dad out to lunch and to see the new Pixar movie. We'll also start putting the house back together. It will be nice to have TV again, and to not have a huge credenza in my small bedroom. We'll restock the pantry and get caught up on laundry. It should be a good day.

Not as momentous a day as today. But every day can't be momentous. Some days are simply what they need to be, when they need to be.

Like today.

Tell me what you did today, Drunkards. I really want to know.


  1. I'm so glad you had a good day- at least it sounds like a pretty good day. I went with The Hubster to meet our friend to help him load a grill into his truck that he didn't buy. Instead I got a new pair of inline skates. Home to lunch and dinner both made on our new grill, and now knitting on a sweater for Dork. Not a bad day.

    We seriously need to have a house warming when you get your place :)

  2. You are moving forward. This sounds positive.

    I wrote, read, and listened to music. Which pretty much makes this my idea of a perfect day.

  3. Today has barely started and this post is from yesterday, so I'll say what I did yesterday: I was at a dog show for fourteen hours, approximately half an hour of which was devoted to celebrating one of our dogs earning his Masters Agility Championship. My spouse takes full credit for all the work that led to that, unless you count the small amount of time I put in helping load and unload the van and occasionally moving equipment.

    Earning a MACH is a big deal, and it's really an accumulation of small but hard-earned victories.

    That sounds like your recent experiences: small but hard-earned victories. So here's hoping you have a championship of your own in your near future.

  4. Sounds good -- onward and upward! I made brunch for the Hubs for Father's Day, re-potted a few plants before the heat got to me, and talked to my mom in the hospital (came through cancer surgery with flying colors!!). I am travelling up there when she gets out of the hospital to take care of her for a couple of weeks. The men can take care of themselves ;-)


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