Wednesday, June 24, 2015

All These Things of All

First of all, I'm totally aware that I still owe fabulous prizes to Drunkards Allie Cat and BekS for guessing/knowing what would be in the dresser in my bedroom closet.

I know, I know. I'm a little busy/drunk these days.
Second of all, if I were to ask what's in that dresser right now, the answer would be, "Oh, you mean that dresser that's sitting on the curb waiting for bulk trash pickup day?"

It's gone. The patterns have been sorted and boxed, the unfinished sewing projects have been (with some regret) abandoned and discarded. Difficult, but it seems that every day I discover that the things I once thought I absolutely had to hold on to are not actually as important to my sense of self and well-being as I thought.

Welp, there's a metaphor for ya.
Third of all, tomorrow I sign a lease on an apartment. There will be more on that in this space, I promise you. For now, know that I am excited and happy and terrified. Just...terrified. I told my spouse that Precocious Daughter and I will be moving out mid-August - hopefully after the house has sold, but even if it hasn't - and that was hard. But his response - equal parts acceptance, sadness, and veiled threats - gave me confidence that I'm making the right decision for PDaughter and me.

Fourth, and final, of all, 2015 is nearly half over, in case you haven't noticed. In the second half of this year, I plan to move, divorce, support myself, and write my heart out. I'm freaking STOKED, Drunkards. But I want to know what the second half of 2015 will be like for you. Good, bad, fun, difficult. Share it with me. With us. I won't say you guys are family, but you're certainly my support group and occasional life line. I want to know how your life is going. Really.

If you have any anecdotes about squid, more the better.

Like you thought I could end a post with something normal. *rolls eyes*


  1. New partment! Cool.

    New beginnings are always great, even when they're scary. It's the thrill of that moment of living without a net.

  2. I'm planning on my mom kicking cancer's butt. Probably some other stuff, but that'll be enough.

    1. That is an amazing plan, and one I support 1000%.

    2. My life is going well in part because I've learned cancer's butt can be kicked. My life will be even better when your mother kicks cancer's butt too.

      Here's one very important lesson I learned: chemo is boring. The side-effects may be horrible, but I mean the actual procedure of getting chemo itself. No one told me what it would be like. I thought it would be painful and invasive. It's not. They stick a needle in and then leave you alone.

      One other thing to share with your mom: save your veins. Get a port. Her oncologist may not suggest it but should think it's a good idea.

    3. Thanks, I'm sorry that you had to experience it, glad to hear that you've kicked it hard. Mom had a round of chemo, and just had surgery. One more round of chemo and she should be done. I am going with that till I hear otherwise.


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