Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Tiny Fraction of What's Been on My Mind

First of all, there were two cans of soup on my sewing machine. One was chicken broccoli potato, and the other was chicken corn chowder.

Second of all, why did no one question why I had soup on my sewing machine?

Am I so obviously the type of person who would keep cans of soup on her sewing machine?

Google didn't return any results for "soup on sewing machine,"
but it did find this adorable tractor made out of a sewing machine.
On an entirely different topic, I met with a realtor tonight. He looked at my half-renovated home and pronounced himself impressed with the work so far. We reviewed comparable sales for the area and talked about the price we could reasonably set when we list the place.

I can't even wrap my head around the price he suggested.

See this? I can't even.
Houses are selling really fast in my area right now, and for really good prices. But I can't allow myself to believe that I might hop on that gravy train. Why? Because I'm not that person. I'm not the person who benefits from the rising tide, or surfs atop the zeitgeist, or is, you know, the inspirational example at the beginning of the chapter rather than the cautionary footnote. You know what I mean?

I have no idea what's going on here, but I'm pretty sure
I've never been the person with the scissors.
Anyway, as much as I want to be that person who sells at the top of the market and lives happily ever after, I'm proceeding with extreme caution. Still, I do really like what the contractor has done with my house so far. And maybe someone else will, too?

I don't know.

And finally...the entertainment is reeling from the loss of Sir Christopher Lee, who embodied film franchises from Dracula to Star Wars to Lord of the Rings, at the age of 93.

But I don't want anyone to forget that we also just lost Gilbert Lewis, a longtime character actor who played King of Cartoons on the first season of "Pee-Wee's Playhouse."

"Let the cartoon begin."
Thank you for the cartoons, King. 

That's all. Is tomorrow Friday? I'm really glad tomorrow is Friday. I may need to write some poetry this weekend. If you guys would dig that.


  1. What??? I hadn't heard about Gilbert :(

  2. I didn't question cans of soup being on your sewing machine because I know diddly about sewing. I thought maybe you used them to weigh down the machine or something. All I really know is chicken broccoli potato soup is as beautiful as the chance meeting of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating room table.

    And I'm so sorry we lost Gilbert Lewis. Now I need to go watch a Penny cartoon.

  3. Do you really not know about Struwwelpeter?? You need to see this -- my mom is from Germany, so I saw these as a kid and was totally freaked out:

    Sorry I missed the soup quiz, I *totally* would have guessed chicken broccoli potato .


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