Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What Did You Learn Today?

It's important that you learn something new every day.

Today I learned that the price of replacing a broken LCD display on a Samsung Galaxy S4 is $195.

I also learned that when the TV and satellite box stop working, some people won't check the circuit breaker before announcing (via text) that a catastrophic failure has occurred.

Finally, I learned that I'm in love...again. Not that I'm in love again. But that I've realized, once again, that I am madly in love.

That's three things in one day.

Pretty good, right?

What did you learn today?


  1. I learned that it sounds weird when I need help on a simple matter and ask my team lead for help, so he says "Do you need Daddy's help?" (everyone, male or me, gets that from him when we need help in simple stuff we should know but have brain farts lol) and I say, "Yes, Daddy, I need help". I learned that my work-boyfriend looks really, really good in red. And black. And dark green. And turquoise. And laurel leaves, if her were so inclined to wear them. And I also learned that just because someone is blood-kin, that doesn't necessarily mean they deserve an iota of thought on any given day, no matter how much they try to play up that they are tight with you.

  2. And I love that you are in love!

  3. I learned that ice is difficult to walk on, but that ice with a layer of snow over it is much easier to walk on. That's probably something I already knew or could have figured out, but I don't have enough experience with either snow or ice to have given it much thought before.

    I like what I learned yesterday better: it's easier to shovel a path through ice than snow. Snow just moves around when you try to shovel it, and you never get all of it. Once you get the blade of the shovel under a layer of ice it comes up in big chunks.

  4. I learned that my dog loves ice, that I don't mind working from home every now and again, and that the Price is Right isn't the same without Bob Barker - but they have both male and female prize hotties, now.


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