Friday, February 27, 2015

Goodnight, To Leonard

Today we lost Leonard Nimoy.

He loved animals, you guys.
I am sad. I am bereft. I mourn the loss of this wonderful actor, author, poet, humanitarian, Netizen, human being. He has received tributes from President Obama, from NASA, from countless actors, musicians, friends, and fans. Because Leonard Nimoy transcended his fame. He was - he is - an example of what we all could be if we tried.

Into his eighties, he looked younger than I
sometimes feel.
Forget the goddamn dress, forget the Department of Homeland Security, forget fucking Fifty Shades of Gray. Leonard Nimoy died today, and that is everything.

I wrote a poem for him. I hope, wherever he is, he sees it and knows how much love he left in his wake.

For Leonard
by Chuck Baudelaire

From the Earth to the stars
To the Earth you return,
And we welcome you home.

Now we will be your eyes
Looking toward infinity
As you showed us it could be.

You created a soul,
A Vulcan, fictional,
Yet so real, as if he were you.

Spock bound you, defined you,
Ultimately freed you
To be our guiding light.

We thank you for embracing him.
We love him for being you
And you for being him.

We bid farewell, not to an icon,
But to a soul,
Within a man
Who made us feel
He knew us
As well as we knew him.

You will live forever
And prosper evermore
Within us whom you touched.

I hope you find the star
That will guard your light
For the rest of our forevers.

Good light, dear soul.
And thank you
For beaming.


  1. I ought to add this poem by John Jakes to yours. I read it two decades ago and still remember it by heart:

    Where no man has gone before
    Venture boldly now
    To the blazing sea of stars
    Point the shining prow.
    Range the neverending dark
    Seeking life's undying spark
    Out beyond all matter's end
    Bear the race that comes as friend.
    Light years past the last red sun
    Leave the mark of men
    Them turn homewards, towards the day
    You go forth again.


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