Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Victory for the Open Carry Movement

Finally, Open Carry Tarrant County has prompted swift, decisive action from the Texas Legislature.

And of course, it's all due to my spirit sociopath, Kory Watkins.

Shown here in front of the Texas state flower, the bluebonnet.
Because he wants Texas to be blue! I knew it!
With the opening of the 84th session of the state legislature, many gun nuts responsible firearms advocates gun nuts have descended on Austin with one goal in mind: To make people remember why idiots and bullies should not be allowed to shape public policy on any issue, let alone firearms legislation.

Forget open carry, this photograph should be made illegal.
To this end, the non-confrontationally-named group Come and Take It Texas arrived on the Capitol steps earlier this week with a 3-D printer that fabricates assault rifles. Am I the only person who thinks this stunt is akin to Catholic priests trying to rehabilitate their image by manning a kissing booth at an elementary school carnival? No, I'm not: In fact, even CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas (who has blocked me on both Facebook and Twitter because he thinks the Bill of Rights starts at number 2) said it "confrontational" and "needless."

CJ, if you're reading this...let's be friends again. We could grab a beer, as long as you promise not to shoot me the way you threaten to shoot everybody you don't like.

But back to Kory, he of the trilby hat and rapidly lengthening arrest record.

Before he was a freedom crusader,
he was just another diamond-earring-
wearing douchebag posing in front of
a Mercedes.
Kory and some of his nicest pals decided not to make their point from outside the Capitol. So they went inside and started harassing and threatening state representatives and their staffs.

If you haven't seen the video KoKo took of him and buddies being assholes in the office of Rep. Pancho Nevarez, here it is.

KoKo is the one repeatedly using the word "bro." Because that's what Constitutional scholars do.

Still, kudos to KoKo and Kompany. Just one day after courageously getting kicked out of Rep. Nevarez' office for acting like Biff from Back to the Future, he pretty much single-handedly got the Texas Legislature to respond, not with hollow words, but with actions.

That's right: The House approved putting panic buttons in legislators' offices so they can kick out disrespectful, unruly buffoons masquerading as "patriots."

If only they'd approved the Trap Door Initiative, as well.
Well done, KoKo! You showed the "tyrant to the Constitution" (whatever that means) the power of the people. What reasonable discourse can't accomplish, threats and arrogant posturing can. That is, if your goal is to look like a jerk and have your own compatriots publicly call you a "knucklehead" and a "cancer."

You sure know how to get the government to act. I think everyone should know how you caused the entire Texas House of Representatives to change its procedures just because of you.

You go, Kory Watkins. (Open) carry on, my wayward son.

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  1. Maybe they'll call him a "libtard plant" meant to defame them :D

    Gun ownership is relatively common in North India, where I did my dental training, and firearm accidents aren't uncommon. One of my less pleasant memories is of - as an intern - being given the job of picking out pellets, broken teeth and chips of bone from the face of a pre-adolescent kid who'd blown apart his lower face with a shotgun.


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