Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Poem for Tuesday

I don't know which of us is Brando.
Almost Gone

Three days from now you will leave me
You will travel a long way from home
I will wait for you, darling, believe me
Doesn't matter how far you must roam.

I admit I will be awfully lonely
I admit I'll be sad when you're gone
I will never admit that I'm only
Fully living when we share the dawn.

When that airplane takes off, I will be here
Thinking of you and wanting you near
When you come back I hope it will be clear
That our love's deeper than a veneer.

There are things you must do in your travels
There are weights I can't help you to bear
When your former life finally unravels
I can promise I'll always be there.

I'll be sober, unhappy, and thinking
Of your touch every moment you're gone
I'll be writing, but I won't be drinking
'Twill be hard enough to carry on.

Though you haven't left yet, I am missing
Knowing that you are close every day
I will sleep tonight, thinking of kissing
Your sweet lips all the time you're away.

I promise that I'll wait forever
If forever's how long I must wait
Because someday is better than never
And at last is much better than late.

For Drummer Boy. Because I love you.


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