Saturday, July 26, 2014

Quick Update

Just a short note tonight.

As I said I would, I've begun posting comments to the Open Carry Tarrant County Facebook page. And because I don't want to get blocked as quickly as I was blocked from the Open Carry Texas page, I've started off nice and slow with these folks. I'm being subtle with my snark.

It being a rare and dangerous beastie.

Here's the thing.

These people don't understand subtlety.

I'm not ready to post my screenshots of our exchanges yet (although some of you have seen them because you know what to look for). But take my word for it that the most fascinating thing has occurred.

I'm sure the OCTC folks are used to one of two types of commenters: dedicated supporters who praise and agree with everything they say, and dedicated detractors who trash-talk them at every opportunity. Both types are easy to spot and obvious in their affiliation.

Crazy is crazy, no matter what side of the fence you're on.

 So I'm throwing them a curve. So far I haven't said a single supportive thing about OCTC or its open carry agenda. But everything I've posted has been said very, very nicely.

And as a result, I've gotten a bunch of likes and encouraging responses to my comments. Kory Watkins himself, leader of the nutsos, has liked my input.

What the hell?

All I'm doing is being polite, and so far they haven't even noticed they're being trolled. It was a little frustrating at first. But then I realized, hey, this is like the frog in the soup.

Not shown: Guns.
I can turn up the heat so slowly on these guys that they won't even feel it until they've been cooked. It really never occurred to me that they wouldn't realized they were being trolled, just because I'm such a nice troll. But now I'm going to ride this train into the station at Wacko City.

Shhh...don't tell them what I'm doing.

More to come on this.

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  1. A nice troll.... who would've thunk it!?!? Looking forward to seeing the screenshots of how this plays out!!


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