Saturday, June 21, 2014

Short Takes 1: Middle Age

Precocious Daughter is at an all-day/all-night birthday party, leaving me to fill my time like an adult person.

Which apparently is a problem.

So I'm just going to put up some short posts about random topics throughout the evening. Because my life is just that exciting.

Here's how a bad standup comic would segue into the first one:

You know what else is exciting? Getting old and losing your mind.

Told you it was bad.

Even Rodney Dangerfield doesn't give me any respect.
Earlier today I washed my bedsheets. I took them out of the dryer and put them back on my bed. (Aside: Mmmm, fresh warm sheets.) Then I looked at my comforter and thought, I'll hang that outside for a while and let it air out.

So I took it outside, hung it up, went back in the house, walked into my bedroom...

...and immediately thought, "Where the fuck is my comforter?"

Rare photo of my actual brain.
Do you think I could make that up? Do you even read this blog?

Getting old sucks.

Anyway, I'll post again next time I do or think something dumb.

It shouldn't be that long a wait.

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